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Fix for italics and lists in WordPress HoPE theme

HoPE is a very nice WordPress theme by Patrick that I’m currently using for a travel blog.

I’ve found two minor niggles with Version 2.5.8 so far: the theme doesn’t display italics, bullet points for unordered lists or numbers for ordered lists. The fix is quite simple (just to return the styles to their defaults) but I thought I’d post the stylesheet fixes in case anybody else has the same problem:

  1. Edit the style.css file. You can do this via your WordPress admin interface by clicking on the menu item Appearance->Editor, then choosing the style.css file
  2. Search for
    i, em, dfn, .fn, cite{font-style:normal;}

    and replace with

    i, em, dfn, .fn, cite{font-style:italic;}
  3. Search for
    .entry-content ul{list-style-type:none;}

    and replace with

    .entry-content ul{list-style-type:disc;}
  4. Search for
    .entry-content ol{list-style-type:none;}

    and replace with

    .entry-content ol{list-style-type:decimal;}
  5. Update the file
  6. View your website again (don’t forget to click refresh your browser to clear the cache)
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