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Have laptop, will travel!

Shortly I’m going to be backpacking around South America for 4 months.

My question is whether to take a laptop with me? It’s a 13inch Macbook, weighing around 2kg.

The upsides are many, for example, in hotels/hostels/cafes, I could easily do what I would normally do at home. I could research stuff to do while on the road, keep in touch with people, read the news, post photos, post updates, listen to online music, watch movies. I could happily use Internet banking/trade shares without worrying about key-loggers on PCs in Internet cafes. I could also work on a side project (or is that wishful thinking…?)

The downsides are pretty self-evident and mostly apply when I’m on the move: having to carry it, having to worry about it. We also plan to do some hiking…

So do the hassle/worry and extra weight justify the benefits listed above?

Perhaps I should just pack it, and be damned with it. Or maybe I need to let go, throw my laptop to the wind…

Has anybody else gone backpacking with a laptop? Did you regret it?

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